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Engineering Design Consultants

Engineering Design Consultants

Dynamiq Engineering recently completed the development of an advanced mechanical positioning arm for an x-ray therapy system.  Dynamiq were tasked with designing, manufacturing and shipping initial prototype system to Chicago, USA within 28 days of receiving the order.


The client required a compact, five degree of freedom, mechanically actuated arm, which could be positioned and locked with minimal operator force.  It was necessary for the tendency of the arm to vibrate when in use to be well damped and all moving components were to be self lubricating and maintenance free.  Tuned spring counterbalances were employed to relieve the operator load for the vertical degrees of freedom and state-of-art kevlar-based friction materials were used to develop bespoke rotary brakes for position holding.


Dynamiq made use of its extensive mechanical engineering analysis and design capability to rapidly converge to a viable solution based on sound engineering calculations and analysis.  Our trusted manufacturing partners were then able to manufacture the prototype system in just 7-days, allowing a fully finished, show-ready product to be delivered in time for the exhibtion.

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